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Welcome, everyone to The University of Vermont, also known as UVM. Founded in 1791, this distinguished, public research university is among the nation’s oldest. Students come here from across the US and more than 40 countries, to be taught and mentored by top scientists and scholars in UVM’s world-class facilities. Campus is located in Burlington, a small city with a big reputation for fun and for innovation and entrepreneurship. Students have exciting, career-building experiences around the world and right here. UVM overlooks gorgeous Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains, offering some of the best outdoor recreation in the Northeast as well as ready-made lessons in natural science. There is a uniquely strong sense of community at UVM that grows from shared respect for individuals, independent, innovative thinking and active appreciation for the natural environment. I’m your host, Alex Boylan, and over the next half hour we’ll meet some UVM students and see why they love this university and chose to prepare their future right here. Welcome to The University of Vermont, this is The College Tour. (upbeat music) It’s time to meet Peyton. She’s on the Pre-med track and she’s an athlete. UVM has everything needed to reach her goals: A top Swim Program, one of UVM’s 18 NCAA Division I teams, among them multiple American East Champions, and she’s getting extraordinary Pre-med preparation through the Pre-medical Enhancement Program and UVM’s on-campus Medical Center. Tell us more, Peyton. (soft music) – Thanks, Alex. Hey, everyone. When I was looking at colleges, I knew I wanted two things: an engaging Pre-med path and the opportunity to compete as a swimmer at the D1 level. Everything I was looking for was right here at The University of Vermont. Opportunities to explore the healthcare field are readily available, with a major medical center right here on campus, as well as the Pre-medical Enhancement Program, or PEP for short. As a PEP student, I engage with healthcare professionals through group discussions and shadowing. I’m an untraditional Pre-med student with a Humanities major. But through PEP, I’ve had the chance to interact with students and professionals who have followed similar paths and are now successful in their careers. I was also matched with a medical student mentor, who answers questions and supports me as I plan for medical school. In addition to PEP for Pre-med students there are also programs for Pre-vet students through UVM’s CREAM Program where students manage a dairy cow herd, right here on campus, as well as opportunities for Pre-law students through the Vermont Legislative Research Service and the Lawrence Debate Union. In addition to being a student, I compete on our Varsity Swim Team. UVM has eighteen D1 teams that boast several regional and national titles between them. While not every student can compete as a D1 athlete, many love to continue to compete on one of our 50 Club sport teams. Club teams compete against each other, as well as on a regional and national level. For those students who play for the love of the game, UVM also offers intramural sports. From the pool to the operating room, UVM offers the opportunity for students like me to pursue all their passions. At UVM, there’s no limit to what you can do. Back to you, Alex. (bright music) – Peyton, the discipline, dedication, and direction you have as a student-athlete is so impressive. So is the learning without limits you’ve found at UVM. I wish you all the best this season and with your medical school applications and all that follows. Thanks for sharing. I’d like you to meet Jasper. He traded the Colorado Rockies for Vermont’s Green Mountains and a chance to experience another part of the country. He also wanted to explore intellectual interests before choosing a major. He did that and took advantage of expert advising and support along the way. Jasper, tell us all about your journey. (upbeat music) – Thanks, Alex. When I was on the college hunt, I wasn’t sure about much. I didn’t know what I wanted to study and I wasn’t sure what it would be like living on a college campus away from home. I did know one thing for sure though: I wanted to explore. This desire to discover took me from Boulder, Colorado all the way out east to Burlington, Vermont. Though I am almost 2,000 miles away from home, I was surprised at how comfortable I felt when I first got here to Vermont. The Burlington community welcomed me in and gave me a blank canvas to explore. My first few weeks at UVM felt like summer camp. I was trying new things left and right, in and out of the classroom. UVM has over 250 clubs and organizations, and I quickly joined some of the outdoor-related ones to experience the beautiful Vermont landscape. I joined UVM’s Ski & Snowboard Club, the largest of its kind in the country. I also joined UVM’s whitewater Kayak Club, and after a few practice sessions in the UVM pool, I found myself paddling down a rapid on the Mad River. I’ve also done a lot of academic exploration here at UVM. My first few semesters, I met often with my advisors and they helped me realize that I love studying English and religion. I’m now working to complete an Honors College thesis that involves both departments and my advisors have been with me every step of the way. UVM’s academic support system has been invaluable to my journey and exploration. Now, in my senior year, I’m excited about the future. UVM has taught me that exploration and curiosity, in and of themselves, are valuable tools. I’ll continue to embrace that in my life and future career. All you, Alex. (light music) – Jasper, I love how you dove right in, trying new things. It sounds like UVM’s Honors College is full of students devoted to rigor, exploration and discovery, right where you belong. We wish you all the best, tackling your senior thesis and with all the discoveries you have ahead. Cheers, Jasper. I can’t wait for you to meet Soham, an international student from Mumbai, India. Soham came to UVM to study Wildlife Biology, be close to nature and find adventure. That adventure has led him into Green Mountain forests and to Kenya’s grasslands. He’s applying extraordinary skills and vision to his studies. Take it away, Soham. (soft music) – Thank you for the introduction, Alex. Hello, everybody. When I decided to study in the US the first thing I Googled was “Top Wildlife Biology Colleges in the US.” That’s how I discovered UVM, and in fact, Vermont. I chose UVM not only because it had a great Wildlife Program, but also it gave me a sense of challenge and adventure I was longing for. Coming from Mumbai to Vermont has been an enriching and promising journey. From exploring UVM’s natural areas in my Ecology labs, to skiing with my friends in the Green Mountains, I can picture my future self in the environmental field more clearly. A recent class in Wildlife Disease Ecology opened up a new door for my interest in conservation and science communication. Then, this past summer, I spent two months in Kenya’s Maasai Mara as a big cat and wildlife monitoring intern, contributing to data collection efforts focused on big cats and herbivore ecology in the conservancy. Through this internship, I’ve been able to explore my research interests as well as my innate passion for wildlife photography and art for science communication. My UVM professors have actively guided through my research interests, as well as encouraged my creativity. Throughout UVM, the support I received has made me a confident and ambitious leader in natural resources, as well as the student community. Currently, I lead UVM’s International Student Club to help build global community, cultural awareness, and support my fellow international students. There are so many communities you can be part of here, and if you come to UVM, I can assure you one thing: you’ll always have the support. With UVM’s dedicated Environmental Program and world-class reputation, I think I’m set up for my next goal, to pursue an advanced degree in Wildlife Biology. With this preparation, I feel I can go anywhere. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex. (inspirational music) – Wow, Soham, the world of experience you are getting is really preparing you to think and work on a global scale. We cannot wait to hear where you will go next. Take care. Let’s hear from Lily, a senior, a Business major and a Vermonter, with a habit of saying yes. As you’ll see, that has led her to participate in business case competitions, leadership roles, service positions, internships, a full portfolio of experiences. Lily, please tell us your story. (upbeat music) – Thanks, Alex. Growing up in Vermont I wasn’t so sure I wanted to attend UVM. See, I had this big city dream that took me far from home, but what I’ve realized after two years here is that I love Vermont for its openness and its sense of community. And there are so many opportunities right here. In the Grossman School of Business, where I’m a student, the Catamount Innovation Fund provides startup funds to student entrepreneurs with great ideas, and in case competitions, students are presented with a challenge that real companies are facing and then present their solutions to the company executives. Last fall, I participated in the Lazaridis International Case Competition, based out of Waterloo, Ontario. There are also many internship opportunities in the Greater Burlington area. This past summer, I interned with Pivot Marketing, a digital marketing agency, and this year I’m interning with UVM Athletics as a data analyst. I’m also a Teaching Assistant here at Grossman and I manage a local ice cream shop in my hometown to pay for the bulk of my college expenses. In the work department, you might say that I’m triple-dipping. There are also so many service opportunities across campus that build a sense of purpose and provide experience in a variety of fields. I volunteer with UVM Feelgood, a student-run grilled cheese deli that raises funds for the Hunger Project. In the classroom, I volunteer as a peer note taker, which aims to provide extra support to students who may need it, while studying. UVM is committed to community and I have found it so rewarding to participate in over a dozen student-run organizations in just two years. My time at UVM has grown my confidence levels and deepened my understanding of my passions. My successes have come from saying yes to some of the most unexpected opportunities and I’ve learned to vouch for myself along the way. One day I’ll fulfill that big city dream of mine, but for now I still have so much left to accomplish here at The University of Vermont. Well, that’s a little bit about my story. Thanks, and back to you, Alex. (upbeat music) – Lily, thanks for sharing your story and your energy, and for saying yes to The College Tour. You’ve already accomplished a lot and we know it’s just the beginning. Take care, Lily. This is gonna be great. We’re now gonna go meet Wayne. He comes to us from the Bronx, New York. It was an adjustment coming to Burlington, but he got off to a great start. UVM has the scope of a research university but with just 13,000 students, it’s relatively small. 45% of classes here have fewer than 20 students. Wayne, tell us what you found at UVM. (upbeat music) – Hello, everyone. In my college search, I couldn’t imagine going to a school I didn’t visit, and when I visited UVM, I found that I actually enjoyed it. This was quite surprising, coming from New York. After accepting the offer to attend, I looked forward to a changing environment, connecting with identity groups and starting my career path. It was a daunting transition, but I quickly adjusted to managing myself in the high level of academics. I was fortunate to have a helpful advisor from the start. Then I met the professor who has really advanced me in my degree. Professor Cosoroaba has been so helpful making topics clear and developing my marketability. Spring of sophomore year, she encouraged me to do research focused on lithium-ion batteries and the electrochemistry behind them. As I was doing that, I applied for internships. My second Circuits Design course, combined with my research, helped me land one with Resonant Link, a local startup specializing in wireless power transfer. Besides my academics, I’m Treasurer for the Black Student Union and the National Society of Black Engineers. With BSU, I help plan our fall Soul Food Social and our spring Fashion Show. They are demanding, but to see students of color represented makes it worth it. I learned about the National Society of Black Engineers from a Biomedical friend who attended a meeting and connected me with club members. That has helped me develop a great network of upperclassmen engineers. At UVM, I’ve not only learned from my professors but from the people who have come before me. This year, I plan on delving deeper into my degree by taking more rigorous courses and taking the helm of leadership in organizations that have made a place for me and that will do for others. And that’s my story. Back to you, Alex. – Wayne, I see how the early connection you made with your professors got you off to a great start and now you’re helping lead two student clubs where you first found community and support. That’s so much what college is all about. Wayne, thanks so much for sharing your story. Okay, everyone, let’s meet Remi. In so many ways, he’s the quintessential UVM student. He has multiple passions and a huge appetite for all. He’s involved in top-level research in an immunology lab. 40% of UVM students do research alongside top-level scientists. It’s amazing. Remi also plays jazz, climbs, back country skis and mountain bikes. Remi, please share your story. (bright music) – Thank you, Alex, and welcome everybody. So, I chose UVM for the incredible academics, extracurricular opportunities and the Vermont location, which features a vibrant music scene and easily accessible outdoor recreation. As a Microbiology major, I’ve had the opportunity to take rigorous classes and learn useful lab techniques that will prepare me for a career in science. Like many UVM students, I’ve been able to do research with amazing faculty in UVM’s world-class facilities. I work in Jonathan Boyson’s Immunology Lab where I get to run and analyze my own experiments with John’s thoughtful mentorship. This experience prepared me to apply for, and be one of three UVM winners of the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. Outside of academics, UVM provides access to amazing outdoor activities. In the evening and on weekends, I can go back country skiing at Smuggler’s Notch rock climbing at Lone Rock, Burlington’s amazing rock climbing track on Lake Champlain, or ride world-class mountain bike trails, only 25 minutes away at Bolton Valley. My courses, research and mentorship at UVM have prepared me to pursue a PhD and a career in immunology research. However, the music and outdoor sports here have allowed me to grow as a person, have fun, and make lifelong friends. These opportunities have allowed me to have it all in college: rigorous academics and even more rigorous extracurricular fun. For a person that wants both, UVM is the place for them. Back to you, Alex. (upbeat music) – Remi, we are so inspired by all you do. One of three UVM students to win a coveted Goldwater Scholarship this year? So impressive! You’re already making important contributions in the field of immunology, also performing jazz, exploring mountain trails, you’re doing all the things you love and that is awesome. Take care, Remi. Let’s meet Vera. She has a special hometown connection here. But even with that, she’s always meeting someone new and making discoveries on campus and in Burlington. Her experience living on campus and involvement with club contribute to all that. Vera, we can’t wait for you to guide us around and share your insider’s view. (bright music) – Hey, everyone! Growing up in Vermont as a first-generation American, I found a lot of love in my town, but I also felt closed in sometimes. I was literally born on campus, at the UVM Medical Center. And growing up, I would visit my mom, who’s a faculty member. This meant that after high school I actually wanted to go elsewhere. But as I began to tour colleges, I started to see the incredible opportunities that were right here. As I became a student, I instantly started meeting people from around the world. It surprises some that more than 70% of UVM students come from outside of Vermont. This has to do with the state’s small size and UVM’s reputation around the country. All students live on campus their first two years. My first semester, I lived in the Wellness Environment, where I made friends who share my interest in the brain science behind health. Wellness is an important theme at UVM. We’d sometimes study and eat together, especially at one of my favorite campus spots. And there are many options, not to mention all of the places to eat in Burlington. I also got involved in Alianza Latinx. Our annual event, Comida Para La Gente, is an all-out celebration of food and culture. No matter how long I’ve lived here, I feel such gratitude every day for Vermont’s scenery. Watching sunsets over Lake Champlain or going on a hike up Camel’s Hump never gets old. Festivals like Jazz Fest, Art Hop and the Farmer’s Market happen year round. As a local, I love to share Burlington, Vermont with others. And no matter where I end up, I’m sure I will come back and visit my incredible university and home base. That’s my story. Back to you, Alex. (light music) – Thanks Vera, for a great introduction to Burlington. This is an incredible town and beloved community to families, businesses and a prime destination for visitors from around the world. Did you know this is where household names like Ben and Jerry’s and Burton Snowboards got their start? Lucky you to have deep roots here. Take care. Let’s head over to meet Mason, a sophomore from Wellesley, Massachusetts. Like many UVM students, Mason has multiple interests: Engineering, sustainability, and agriculture. He’s pursuing them all as part of a long-term business startup plan. He’s also involved in some real-world innovation and entrepreneurship, but still finds time to enjoy Vermont. Tell us your story, Mason. (upbeat music) – Thanks for the intro, Alex. Honestly, The University of Vermont was not at the top of my list when I first began looking at schools. But I ultimately realized that it embodied who I am and who I hope to become. UVM just fits me in so many ways. I’ve always been excited about building things and solving problems that actually impact the world. By majoring in Engineering and minoring in Sustainable Innovation and Plant Biology I hope to bring skills and knowledge, leading to my own clean-tech or agro-tech business. The most valuable experience I’ve had is with The Academic Research Commercialization or ARC Program. We pair entrepreneurial students with researchers seeking to bring their innovative technologies to market. Last year, I was a sustainability lead for our thin film solar team, commercializing a flexible solar panel. This year, I’m thrilled to be the entrepreneurial lead, a paid part-time internship position, for a venture that’s pioneering the cultured meat industry. There are so many people to meet, communities to join and things to do here. In my first semester I joined the Club Rugby team, a fraternity, a band an even mountain biked for the first time. It’s the TREK Program where I really found my people. TREK is an opportunity for first-year students to connect through outdoor adventure or community service. Being a Wilderness TREK leader is such a unique experience. I just returned from co-guiding eight students through Vermont’s mountain bike trails for five nights, serving as a guide and mentor, navigating adjustments to college life. What I value most here and what I believe really sets UVM apart is how real it is. The opportunities are real, the outdoorsiness is real, but perhaps most importantly, the people are real. That’s my story. I’ll pass the torch back to you, Alex. (upbeat music) – Your appreciation for this university and Vermont is contagious, Mason. And the experiences you’re having here are already establishing you as an innovator and entrepreneur. You have so much to look forward to and we can’t wait to see where it takes you. Thanks for sharing your story, Mason. It’s time to meet Sierra, who came to UVM from California’s Bay Area. Sierra dreamt of going to college in New England with its great academics, student life and location. UVM is that dream come true. She’s had many firsts, here embracing Vermont’s winters. Sierra, you are up. (light music) – Thanks, Alex. Hi, everyone. When I was researching colleges I knew I wanted to go to a college that was out of state, so I could experience living somewhere new. I’m from California, so I wanted a location where I could experience all four seasons, travel to different states and try new things and I’m so happy I chose UVM. My dad first recommended The University of Vermont, and from the first time I visited, I knew it was a perfect fit. I love the size of the school and everyone I met was incredibly welcoming. Through scholarships and support from UVM, I was able to make my dream a reality. I’ve experienced my first real fall, embraced winter by learning to ice skate and snowshoe and met amazing friends. I’ve also traveled to Montreal, Boston, and New York City. I even have a favorite study spot on campus, the fifth floor of Williams. While I sometimes still miss my home and family, UVM now feels like home. Getting involved on campus and being a part of different groups has helped me find home. UVM has so many opportunities and encourages students to make the most out of their four years. In the last two years, I’ve been a Research Assistant, gotten a grant for an internship in San Francisco and studied abroad in Bristol, England, for three weeks. I even started a club with a friend, Runway of Dreams, which empowers people with disabilities through fashion and beauty inclusion. The University of Vermont has provided me with more incredible experiences than I imagined when I first started college. In the last two years I’ve gotten involved on campus, connected with professors, traveled and made lifelong friends. I’m so grateful to UVM for making my college dreams a reality. That’s all for me. Back to you, Alex. (bright music) – Sierra, it’s wonderful to hear how you’re living your college dream. I understand UVM became a reality for you thanks in part to a generous scholarship you received. In fact, 87% of UVM undergraduates are recipients of a scholarship or grant. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Sierra. Take care. Let me introduce you to Hayley an academic go-getter who cares deeply about community. Hayley is a Psychological Science major, with three minors. The skills and preparation Hayley is getting will set her up for success. Success also comes with feeling accepted and connected. Hayley, please tell us your story. (upbeat music) – Thanks, Alex, and hi everyone. For me, when I was looking for a college I knew I needed a place that challenged me academically, but also supported me to be and become my best self. At UVM, I found a perfect balance. In terms of challenge, along with my major, I also have three minors because my interests are intersecting but also broad. UVM has the depth to support the full range of my interests. Openness and respect are two defining UVM values. You see them in our campus traditions. One of my favorites is our Twilight Induction on the UVM Green. Every new student takes a pledge to value respect, responsibility, openness, justice, integrity and innovation. We call this pledge Our Common Ground. That welcome meant a lot to me as a new student, particularly as someone who identifies as gay, because it really represents how open-minded the UVM community truly is. Campus identity centers and student groups do that too. They support and raise awareness and appreciation for different cultures, religions, histories and identities. Some favorite campus traditions have grown from these groups, like the Black Student Union Fashion Show, Diwali Night, and our Prism Center’s Rainbow Graduation. Another defining value at UVM is environmental awareness and action. UVM students have led initiatives like eliminating the distribution of bottled water on campus and terminating university investment in fossil fuel enterprises. At UVM, every student takes a course about sustainability during their time here. No matter who you are or where you’re from you can definitely find your place here at UVM. Our student body is a welcoming and supportive group who are passionate and are always ready to do more and learn more to better our community and our world. That’s all from me. Back to you, Alex. (mellow music) – Hayley, your appreciation for this community is so compelling. From what you shared, it makes so much sense that UVM is a top producer of Peace Corps volunteers and the alma mater of environmental leaders and Nobel Peace laureates. Thank you, Hayley, for sharing your story with us. All right, everyone, I hope you enjoyed our time at The University of Vermont. I want to thank all our wonderful students for giving their time, so that you can learn more about UVM. Now, it’s your turn to check out the campus and that part is easier than you may think. Burlington International Airport has direct flights from many hubs and is just three miles from campus. There’s so much to see, do, and fall in love with, at The University of Vermont. Please check it out for yourself and we hope to see you on campus real soon. Take care, everyone.





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