You can earn good money by becoming a chef, know how to get a chance

The hobby of cooking can bring fame to anyone at the international level. Along with women, men have achieved success in this field. Big names today are examples of this. In this, you can earn a lot of money by doing business and not only job. In this course, you can do from certificate to master’s degree. The special thing is that this is also a field in which after a popularity one can get a chance to meet many big personalities.

To adopt the career of a chef, one should have extra skills than studies. Such as the way of talking, creative ideas to cook new types of dishes, the ability to cook less ingredients better and faster, the habit of doing more work in less time, the ability to prepare dishes according to the customer, apart from eating It should be served beautifully so that the eater cannot restrain himself.

Where to do the course

There are some good institutes in the country that provide training for chef’s studies, from where hotel management and related subjects can be studied.

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Jaipur
  • GIHMCT, Nagpur
  • Institute of Hotel Management and Catering, Pusa New Delhi
  • Institute of Catering Technology and Nutrition, Aliganj, Lucknow
  • Taj Group of Hotels, Rozabagh, Aurangabad
  • Food Craft Institute Campus, Bhopal
  • Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Chandigarh

chef’s scope

The chef’s scope is quite good. Apart from the hotel industry, mess, food chain or any other kind of business can also be started. By working at national and international level, along with money, you can earn a lot of money and fame. A chef gets a chance to meet so many great personalities in his lifetime. Secondly, after staying in this field for a long time, the contact also becomes very good. They can work in some places, they are like this.

1.Air Catering Unit
2.Cruise Liner
3.Food Processing Company
4.Air Catering Unit
5.Five Star Hotel
6.Government Mess or Restaurant


The salary of the chef is decided according to the skill, experience and location. As a trainee, a candidate can get a salary of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000. According to the experience of starting a career, after two or three years, you can earn 50 thousand per month. In any 5 star hotel, the chef gets a salary of 100000 to 300000 rupees per month every year.






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