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The world and profession of colorful gems is very old. The science and profession of gemologist is very unique. People who are very much attracted to gems can make a wonderful career of themselves by becoming an expert in gemology. It is the job of a gemologist to identify the real gems, to test them. Talking about earnings, on the basis of knowledge and skills, after a few years of employment in this profession, annual salary starts from 15 to 20 lakhs.

Gemology is the study of gems. Under this, natural stones or stones are examined and their details are given. They are taught to assess the flaws and goodness present in the gemstone. It contains detailed reading about valuation, sorting, grading, design, latest trends.

Diamond graders are available on these posts – this career matters a lot in the field of gems. They specialize in examining the quality and quality of gems. On the basis of the color of the gems determine their value.

Jewelery Designer– These jewelery designers are needed to give an attractive look to any jewellery. It is their work to make the gems beautiful by preparing patterns on the basis of their design shapes and colors.

Stone Setter – Only the stone setter examines any gem or gem. These people are very connoisseurs in setting any expensive gem in plastic or metal jewellery.

Gem Auction and Export Manager – The work of exporting and auctioning the gems is in the hands of Gem Auction Manager for which they are trained.

Essential Qualification

To make a career in Gemology, it is necessary to have 12th pass. Candidates of any stream can do this course. There is no entrance exam available for taking admission in this. Direct admission can be taken in this.

What are the major courses in gemology

Certificate Course in International System of Diamond Grooming
Grading, Cutting, Polishing and Brooding Certificate Course
Jewelery Trade Management Diploma
Gemology Diploma
Diamond Processing Diploma
Bachelor in Jewelery Designing and Fine Art
Post Graduate in Diamond Technology
Post Graduation in Jewelery Designing and fine arts

Where will the opportunities be found?

Until a time ago, people used to settle their own business in this. As time changed, the ways of earning in it also changed. Now apart from business, many job options can also be found. In which you can get the money you want if you have good information. In the places where jobs are available, work can be done in Jewelery Business Management, Gem Export Department, Gem Testing Lab, Jewelery Product Department, Jewelery Showroom, Mining Industry, Jewelery Creation Department.






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