Want to become script writer know all important details here

Script writers not only write their own mind but also write the thoughts of others and present them as script i.e. screenplay or story. Along with writing, some skills are also very important in this field. Script writers are needed everywhere on TV, radio, film.

People who have the art of writing style can turn it into a profession by becoming a script writer. The scope of the script writer is very wide. They cannot be bound in circles. Story, film, animation, production house, ad film, TV industry, radio industry, script writers are needed everywhere. If you are expert in the art of tying ideas into the story, then you can earn lakhs in this industry.

To convert a story into a screenplay, writing ideas in short words with creativity in scripting, developing ideas and converting them into a story, preparing a plot for a story, scripting a story based on a true event, scripting Adding and subtracting ideas to edit, all these works have to be done by a scriptwriter.

This skill is more important than qualification

  1. The writing skills within the script writer should be new ideas,
  2. There should be a strong hold in writing and the art of writing interesting stories should be known.
  3. Attempt should be made to write the script in precise words.
  4. Having the art of expression and logical ability for ideas can write better scripts
  5. Joining the team and having the ability to change the script according to the directors.
  6. The script writer should have knowledge of screen play.
  7. The ability to work patiently can lead to better script preparation
  8. Develop the art of audio and visual writing.
  9. Work on the art of working on synopsis, step outline, screen format.
    10.Focus on planning and management of scene preparation.

Know their area

There is no scope of the field for scriptwriters. Its scope is very wide. To become a better script writer, there are fields like script writing for animation videos, cartoon video script writing, ad film script writing, TV serial script writing, script writing for radio, film script writing.

which course you can do from certificate in script writing to diploma and master course. Certificate Course in Script Writing, Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Diploma in Script and Screenplay Writing, Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism, Master in Journalism and Mass Communication are its main courses.

Some of the best institutes in India offering script writing courses

  1. Satyajit Rai Film and Television Institute of India Kolkata 2. Film
    and Television Institute of India Pune etc.
  2. University of Delhi 4.
    MS University Baroda
  3. Digital Media Institute Mumbai
  4. Makhanlal Chaturvedi University Bhopal
    7.Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj University Kanpur
    8.Allahabad University Allahabad
    9.Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
    10.Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh


This is a creative field, so it is also a little different from other careers. It is a difficult task to tell the salary in a limited range. In this perspective, the skill and intellectual level of the writer also matters a lot.
Every industry related to script writing has a different salary range which can reach in lakhs. Money can also be earned by doing freelancing work.






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