The old device will get the same speed as the new phone, just a small change will have to be done in the settings

All the smartphone companies are bringing new phones in the market. In such a situation, if you are also planning to buy a smartphone by going out of your budget, then of course you can buy it. But if your phone is in bad condition or is running old operating system and hence you are buying a new phone, then you should reconsider your decision.

Yes, if your phone is less than five years old and is still running, then you can improve its speed and make it new. Today we are going to tell you some tricks that can make your old smartphone phone look like a new phone.

Use lightweight App

There are many such apps in our smartphone, which we do not use regularly. In such a situation, uninstall the apps that you are not using from the phone. Also, avoid apps that are constantly eating up your phone’s memory, or keep running in the background. Also use the Lite app.

Check software compatibility

Download the latest updates for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android software. These updates can make an old device look like new again. Along with this, your phone will also get safety. It is worth noting that the system and security updates of the phone are different. So check your Android version in Settings app and then update.

Restart the phone daily Restarting

the device frees up RAM and resets apps. For phones which have less RAM, this method can be very useful. However, it doesn’t work for newer Android devices with 8GB or 12GB RAM.

Change the habit of charging the phone

If your cable is damaged then replace it. Consider upgrading to a nylon cable or wireless charger. Wireless chargers charge your device at a slightly slower speed, but they free you from the hassle of charging cables. Frequently charging the battery to 100% or using the phone when the battery is less than 15% is not good for your phone.

Factory reset is also one way

If after using all the tricks in your phone there is no difference, then the last way is by factory reset. Through this your phone will be completely like new. It is worth noting that on reset, all your data will also be deleted. So make sure to back up all your photos, videos and contacts before resetting them.






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