Incognito Mode has great benefits, Know how it works and how to use it?

If you use the Internet on a laptop or desktop, then you must have heard about Incognito mode? This privacy feature is available in Google’s Chrome browser. Yes, Chrome browser is the most popular internet browser in India and everyone uses it. But, many times it happens that you have to open a site on the Internet that no one else knows about. Or if you want to search something on the Internet, whose history no one can see, then Incognito mode does the same thing.

IT expert Ankit Gupta says – Most of the companies employees tablet, laptop or smartphone use Chrome browser everywhere. If you want to open a website on Chrome that you only visit or you want to keep your search history hidden from your family and friends, then you can do it by going to Incognito mode.

If someone else uses your device in your office, then the work you have done in Incognito mode, your search history will remain private and no one will be able to see it. Actually, when you come to this mode while browsing on Chrome, your browsing history, cookies and site data will not be saved on your device.

Using Incognito mode simply means that your activity will not be visible in the history of the Chrome browser. That is, whenever someone else uses your device, they will not see your activity. Whenever you visit a website in this mode, Google will see you as a new user and will not recognize you until you sign in.

To go into Incognito mode, you have to click on the three-dot button in the top right corner of the Chrome home page. In the same, you have to tap on the New incognito tab from the menu. Here you will find Incognito mode.






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