Career in wildlife will be exciting, do this course for job

Career in Wildlife: Along with taking wildlife closer to nature, forests also match with life. People enjoy this kind of exciting experience by spending many thousands of rupees on holidays. This thrill-filled experience can easily be turned into a wonderful career as well. If you love nature and want to live near it, then forest and wildlife can prove to be a good career option for them. Here dreams will be fulfilled as well as good salary will also be available.


One can make a good career in forest and wildlife, for which it is necessary to do a course related to it. To step into this, students who have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology are eligible to do courses related to it. Courses like BSc in Forestry, BSc in Wildlife, MSc in Wood Science and Technology, MSc in Forestry, PG Diploma in Forest Management, MSc in Wildlife are available in this sector for students.

Career and Jobs

After completing the course to go into this sector, there are many career options for the candidates. Along with the public sector, a good career can be made in this field in the private sector as well. In Public Sector like Zoological Parks, Wildlife Ranges, Centuries, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, National Parks, Wildlife Research Institutes, Wildlife Department and State Forest Departments affiliated to it, you can get job in posts ranging from top great officer to employee. can. Talking about salary, salary is given on the basis of experience and work.

what are career options

Government Jobs

One can become a top level officer by passing the Indian Forest Service exam in this field. In this, as a Forest Range Officer, one gets to take full responsibility of the forest. Apart from this, there are also posts like Forester and Forester Ranger who look after the forest and protect new wildlife species.

Private Job

  1. Wildlife Journalist
  2. Environment Researcher
  3. Zoo Curator
  4. Dendrologist
  5. Ethnologist






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